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Saunas and pools

Not only are our apartments an excellent starting point for your local sightseeing, but also a true oasis of relaxation. Chosen locations even offer saunas or pools, always included in the stay price.


Privacy like in an apartment and service like at a hotel. When booking a stay with Flatbook, you can have both. Choose the BB offer (bed and breakfast) and enjoy our wide palette of breakfast delicacies, different for every location, delivered right to your door or served at one of our befriended restaurants. Top quality is always our middle name.
Get yourself prepared for a true feast for the senses. Tasty, varied and fresh.


For our Guests, we offer a comfortable and smooth, reliable transport from the airport. Just let our Flatbook staff know you’d need it and provide them with details on your flight, we will take care of everything else.


Are you planning to celebrate a special occasion or give someone a unique gift? We will gladly help you arrange this special day. We can order the best cake in the whole city on your behalf, deliver fresh flowers to your apartment and set romantic decor... Tell us about your idea and we will help you put it into motion.

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